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James Bardwell has worked incredibly hard to provide this information to everyone. He has the only substantial body of NFA legal information available on the internet. Therefore, all roads lead to James Bardwell except for the little link to an NRA state laws page.

It is unknowable how many innocent people James has made information available to which has kept them from inadvertently breaking some obscure or confusing law. LLC would like to thank for hosting these files with the permission of James Bardwell and for allowing us to link directly to them. As Mr. Bardwell is no longer updating the content, some small parts may be, or become, out of date.

We've chosen to select a few critical files for your special attention, but the entire collection is available at this link.

The FAQ On National Firearms Act Weapons is an exellent FAQ by James Bardwell.

NRA State Firearm Law Summaries is also quite useful.

James Bardwell's exellent semi auto FAQ.

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