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I bought a RDIAS in 98 for 100 bucks
The gent who sold it for me was worried about “the feds knowing”. I told him it was worth a lot more... [read more] by Patriotic Dad on 2/15/20 23:01
someone recommended them so I went to the site
thought it was flaky, and passed. Now I know, thanks. [read more] by Hell's Mechanic on 2/13/20 03:57
Re: Anyone ever hear of
Thank you. That was my opinion. [read more] by Ranch on 2/12/20 21:25
Re: Anyone ever hear of
This is a scam website, they wait almost 30 days to charge and send nothing , contest with credit ca... [read more] by Joe b on 2/12/20 09:24
Re: Oh Lord, what happened here?
they all got on the bus after the the biological attack: [read more] by Hell's Mechanic on 2/11/20 13:59
Oh Lord, what happened here?
I was away for a long time, I got frustrated with my broken bookmarks, registered username and spent... [read more] by papa20eyes on 2/9/20 11:56

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