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Colt Double Eagle
It seems most Colt Double Eagles were made with fixed rear sights. Some were made with Accro adjusta... [read more] by Bob in Phoenix on 7/7/20 02:44
colt sp1 ?
hello, would anyone know what a colt sp1 serial #sp190700 range, in xclnt cond. might be worth? than... [read more] by donald herbert on 7/7/20 02:44
surplus actions
My father was a gunsmith in the 60's and used to sporterize military actions (A303, k98 and VZ24). I... [read more] by RJ Itkin on 7/7/20 02:44
definitely so
One of the guys I shoot with eats that stuff up; hes always building oddball/wildcat stuff off of s... [read more] by Critical Bill on 7/7/20 02:44
There's a market for that stuff
There are a few tables at the Tulsa Wanenmacher show (twice a year) that are covered in assorted par... [read more] by Rob in TX on 7/7/20 02:44
Grip RKI's- question
What material should I use to make "sweetheart" grips for my Colt SAA? And is it easily available an... [read more] by planner on 7/7/20 02:44

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