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By default, the feed will display 6 items and the first 100 characters of each item. Below is a preview of how the feed will appear. If you are happy with the content and format, copy and paste the URL to your RSS (news) reader. Otherwise, use the form below to format the feed with the information you want to appear in your news reader. If you like, you may include the feed on your web page. Instructions are shown below.

1. Preview the feed NFA Firearms all headlines
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2. Copy and paste this URL to your RSS reader

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3. Customize the feed?

Select the desired options and use the "Generate URL" button to get the URL of the feed.

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4. Include the feed on your web page?

It is possible to include the feed on a page on your web site. The feed can be placed where you desire on a page and is automatically updated as NFA Firearms is updated.
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